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The Bill of Rights
The House of Representatives have a link to a picture
of this document. You cannot read it. Makes sense.

Ballot Access News
US election rules


Matraca Berg

Ruthe Charles

Ann Coulter

Eye Candy
at gt House, we prefer Mounds

James Drought

Customise GOOGLE

Green Citizen electronics recycling

Carrie Hickman

Huffington Post · satirical news

Danni Leigh

  the Libertarian Party
  California Libertarian Party

LIFE COACH in Rome, Georgia.  
Not just a therapist, the doc is my sister


forget internet explorer,
Mad magazine Explorer rocks
  mouse or touch pad required


The Onion · "America's finest news source"

The Open Voting Consortium

Light name for heavy equipment.

Genya Ravan

REASON online

Sweet Sensation ,
& other Freestyle divas

Jody Watley

Natashia Williams


Music links
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About gt House

In 1998, gt created a web site after discovering Netscape allowed him to save his Bookmarks as web-page files to decipher Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The original gt House consisted of links with a smattering of downloaded graphics, distributing information to, well, everybody on the Web at the time. Soon, slade learned enough coding to integrate links into the presentation and developed the catchy acronym: Music ∙ Models ∙ Media. Not really an acronym, more of alliteranym. Either way, gt House began.

Realising many favourite artists had little or no web presence, the site remedied such oversights.

To this day, gt House have the most complete Linda Lewis information and coverage of artists like Dina Carroll, Jenny Morris and House musician Yazz, who merit far more space than a web search indicates. Not to mention the long-running Tasmin Archer pages.

Now Firefox and Safari have replaced Netscape, the URL, so friends and fans the world over can learn what slade is up to with minimal effort.

The links above are useful, educational, amusing or otherwise worth investigating.

and I am yours cordially,
Vladimir Tvletsky, Ph.K
University of Insularity & Metasticism
Bacau, Timor-Leste, August 2006

actual nonsense

"Ariel's book changed my life."- gt
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