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Bless me, father, I have been porned again.


What the hell are the Ten Commandments or Decalogue, as WikipediA say it's sometimes called? (InfrequentlY, I'm sure.)

A couple of tablets given to Moses by God, while saying take ten daily and call Me in the morning.

Although other religions modified them slightly after "borrowing" the Judaic commandments, the same basic tenets are retained. First, God is number one, so do not use His name in vain, build idols or disrespect Him. Observe the Sabbath, do not move it from Saturday to Sunday. Do not covet your neighbor's wife or commit adultery. (Adultery is vague. I define it as having sex with someone else's spouse, if she's amenable.)

Don't covet any other property of your neighbor's. Don't lie about him, either, especially if you're lying to make it with his wife. Honour dad and mom, vague again. What does honour mean exactly?

Then there are the clear moral choices: do not steal and do not kill. Excluding some Muslim sects, those last two are accepted by every civilised society, although it could be argued that Muslim nations don't conform to that definition.

Absolutely no commandment mentions pornography, pro or con, unless it stars your neighbor's hot wife. No prohibition against porn is in anyone's bible, even cut-and-paste pretenders. So who fears sexual expression?

Pornography is forbidden by totalitarian regimes. Where but China would the government instruct Google to block porn and prayer? Hellholes like Iran claim to forbid porn, although Mahmoud Ahmadiddleit does what he likes.

If the United States outlaws pornography, the terrorists win. Obviously.


I don't know anyone using porn (whatever that means), but I know someone using me, gt.

An avowed Catholic group that appropriated my domain name,, for a "using pornography" site has violated two of their God's sacred commandments: Thou shalt not steal and thou shall not covet thy neighbor's property, in this case his domain name.

They may not be criminal, only immoral. It is theft because there is no way under the sun that gtslade describes their idiotic space. I, gt, used that domain and now can't.

I am not Catholic, never have been. I support freedom of expression, including pornography. Not all porn. I'm on record as opposing x-rated videos where the women pictured on the cover do not appear on the video. That is unconscionable.

Unity my ass!

But unless someone at so-called Unity Restored is named GT SLADE, they are corrupt, hypocritical, unpatriotic, anti-freedom, sweaty, oversexed scumbags, who indulge in perverse sex and need some now.



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If God didn't make her, I will.

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